About The Film

The term “Nerdcore” refers to both a sub-genre of hip-hop music
that is created by self-professed nerds and to the subculture that
has grown out of that style of music.

Nerdcore For Life! profiles the fascinating and tumultuous
world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop.  Born on the internet, "Nerd rap" is
breaking out into the real world at a lightning pace.  Our
cameras follow the top names in this new genre as they celebrate
Geek Life to the fullest and deal with the common obstacles that
block musicians of all genres from fulfilling their dreams.
Documentary Treatment
Nerdcore For Life
Director: Dan Lamoureux
Estimated running time: 90 minutes

Nerdcore is a style of hip-hop created by self-professed nerds, for self-professed
nerds and the music is almost entirely disseminated via the internet. The subject
matter covered in nerdcore is diverse but generally most songs focus on interests
that in the past, mainstream America would consider geeky such as video games,
sci-fi conventions, computer programming, cult films, robots, the internet, anime
and science and technology. While mainstream musicians may occasionally refer to
such topics in some of their work for comedic effect, Geeksta rappers expound on
these subjects for the same reason that Gangsta rappers talk about poverty,
violence, wealth and power….it is the lifestyle that they know and are proud of.
There is clearly and underlying comedic point to many nerdcore songs but the genre
is unquestionably based on a genuine pride in the subjects the artists choose to

The objective of this documentary is to examine the world of Nerdcore Hip-Hop by
profiling a variety of the genre’s best-known artists and new up and comers. The
film will be wholly objective and the subjects will be allowed to discuss their lives
and their music in whatever way they see fit. However a profiled artist chooses to
represent themselves, either by their real name or by their nerdcore name, in
costume or out of costume, satirically or seriously, that is how they will appear in
the film. Though much of genre is based on satire the subject will be approached as
seriously as possible.

While the reactions and opinions of psychologists, cultural observers and traditional
hip-hop artists and aficionados would likely prove informative, no one outside of
the world of Nerdcore has been interviewed for this project.  One of the primary
tenets of nerdcore seems to be that artists should express themselves regardless of
what other people will think.  To include the opinions and judgements of outsiders
in the film would likely  prove insulting and ultimately do a disservice to the genre
as a whole.  Furthermore as one would expect, nerdcore artists are highly
intellectual individuals who have been able to explain their psychological
motivations and the cultural relevance of the genre thoroughly and articulately.

The initial focus of the film will be on documenting the history, current state and
future of  Nerdcore Hip-Hop.  Early in the documentary viewers will get to meet
individual artists in a series of brief, introductory segments.  They segments will be
mixed in with interviews and footage relating to the larger story of how Nerdcore
evolved into what it is today.  

After that the focus will shift from the past to the present.  The documentary will
show the very different ways Nerdcore artists practice their craft and then compare
and contrast those methods through the use of editing.  For example some geek
rappers have become popular underground icons while others create rhymes more
for themselves than for others.  In another contrast some artists choose to
collaborate and form rap collectives but for others the creative process is a solitary
exercise.  And perhaps most interestingly some nerdcore artists have started doing
occasional or even frequent live events while other will not even post their real
photos on their websites.  How they choose to promote themselves and propagate
their work may prove to reveal more about the artists than the content of the music

Aside from these benign differences some Nerdcore rappers an d fans have become
engaged in very heated disagreements with each other over the very nature of the
genre.  Arguments over questions as basic as “What is Nerdcore and what is not?”
have sparked shockingly intense and personal feuds between rappers.  These
debates have devolved into what Nerdcore fans have taken to calling “Nerd on
Nerd crime.”  Specifically name-calling, threats of violence and of course, “diss
tracks,” which are raps songs intended to mock and insult other rappers.  

Once the dark side of Nerdcore has been covered, the film will end on a positive
note with a look to the future.  To the surprise of many the genre is starting to get a
great deal of publicity and Nerdcore concerts are now being booked all across
North America.  Rappers will explain how Nerdcore is changing and where they see
the genre going.  The finale’ of the film will be framed around footage from a
concert that took place in Seattle in the Fall of 2006 called “Nerdcore Night.”  It
was the first all-Nerdcore show ever to take place and it brought together many of
the best known names in the scene.

Besides examining Nerdcore as a musical genre, the secondary but perhaps more
important focus of this film will be on the nerdcore rapper’s world beyond their
music.  More than just conduct interviews and film performances, rehearsals and
recording sessions I have also been focusing on the personal lives of the individual
artists.  I have been be able to film these individuals doing the things that they
describe in their lyrics such as play video games, go to conventions, attend class,
work on their websites and spend time with their like-minded friends.  Clearly
Nerdcore Hip-Hop has become a way for individuals to show pride in their
intelligence, curiosity and non-conformist lifestyles and by exploring the culture that
inspired the genre I am attempting to paint a realistic portrait of the modern day
“nerd.”  By doing so I hope to pose one major question to the audience; In a world
where interests that were once considered the domain of geeks and nerds are fast
becoming part of the mainstream culture, what does it mean to be a “nerd” in the
21st century?